“Bitopian” KO V1 #235 / June, 2018

A little gumshoe adventure in cryptoart

This brief post details some mild “chain archaeology.” It describes my hunt for the identity of an artist who made a particular work called “Priestess,” on KnownOrigin in 2018. Cryptoart leaves all kinds of traces, on traditional web platforms, but also in the cavernous depths of the chain. …

Feature montage by Takens Theorem / with permission from j1mmy.eth

NFT projects reflect their network niche, and they are evolving

As a concept, “meme” was born in the late 1970’s, in the famous book The Selfish Gene. Described by analogy with genes, the concept of a meme is a unit of cultural and behavioral selection. Memes are transmitted from person to person — a hairstyle, a song, a way of…

Visual expression of time and ownership on chain

Summary / tl;dr

A Gaussian timepiece is a simple NFT trinket. A timer. It’s an oscillator that cycles through a fixed number of seconds based on Ethereum’s average block time. But an owner’s relationship to a Gaussian timepiece is more complex. A timepiece contains “complications,” as they are called in watch-speak. …

A tribute to the cryptoart of hex6c

Blockchain is an alluring synthesis of the automatic and the spontaneous, the machine and the human. Blockchain permits automation of many economic activities. But behind these automations are the complex intentions of human agents. Perhaps more than anywhere else, it is cryptoart where this marriage of ideas is most complete…

SVG + just a bit of CSS yields an amazing variety of visualizations

16 modifications from 4 originals with only 16² bytes of CSS.

“…because these modest visualizations live on chain, this encoding of Bitcoin — as an idea, as a history and as a transformative economic contribution to human civilization — will propagate long into the future. Like a digital time capsule.” the_coin

“the_coin” is an experimental, small-scale NFT project encapsulating Bitcoin history…

Completely on-chain NFT series visualizing Bitcoin’s history with math, data and SVGs.


  • Motivation
  • Features, terms, conditions, copyright
  • Historical preamble
  • Visualizations
  • Owner’s guide
  • About Takens


Bitcoin is the basis for all cryptocurrency. Prior attempts at digital currency, many of them intriguing and sometimes funny, could not sustain uptake by any major stakeholders, public or private. …

Crypto has way more kindness than it gets credit for

Some 2021 giving. Figure by Takens, data from the amazing Etherscan.

For many, the term “crypto” summons visions of lambos and 6-figure cartoon cats. Crypto’s cultural mores involve going to the moon, and “number go up.” Despite these associations, a theme in 2021 has been charitable giving. …

Autoglyph NFT, generative on-chain art.

NFTs may not have been strongly associated with rises in Ethereum energy expenditure

Update August, 2021: It is important to add an update to this post for summer, 2021. The NFT excitement, especially with PFPs, radically altered the distribution of consumed gas on the Ethereum network. During the summer, OpenSea along with PFPs sometimes consumed 20% or more. This is very unusual historically…

A quick retelling of the history of Ethereum using pretty pictures and quotes from prominent writings.

Each visualization is built directly from on-chain and other data, and accompanies quotes from the wonderful books of Cami Russo and Matt Leising along with some resources from the great EthHub, Zima Red, The Defiant, and ethereum.org.


“In April 2014…Gavin published the Ethereum Yellow Paper, a technical specification of Vitalik’s…

Takens Theorem

Dynamic distributed data displays. Intermittent. Friendly.

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