Entering the L2 Playground

Super quick quickstart on jumping into the second layer that is evolving rapidly on Ethereum

The focus of this post is to describe L2 solutions as kinds of products. In another post, I’ve argued that thinking in these terms is helpful. Product-thinking can help to sharpen scrutiny and consumer caution. Products compete. They have favored or disfavored features. Thinking in these terms could encourage careful weighing of potential costs and benefits. Product assessment and comparison can happen when we search for virtually anything, from a fresh pen to a new laptop. We sort, save, scrutinize and filter. Why not structure our decisions like this for all crypto products?

Playground Activities

CyberBroker Sasha, collected by the author. 100% on chain. L2 can facilitate similar experimentation




Dynamic distributed data displays. Intermittent. Friendly.

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