Flows of Support: Charitable NFT Project for Turkey-Syria Disaster Relief

Experimental visual with an interactive component, with 100% of proceeds to “Ahbap Yardım / Earthquake Support” Ethereum contract

Takens Theorem
3 min readFeb 12, 2023


I pushed release of a new project, an experimental, interactive project. I was planning to invest a bit more time finalizing some aesthetic and technical plans for it. But the reason for releasing it sooner is to have it support Turkey-Syria disaster relief. Using Manifold’s tools, I’m releasing a time-limited mint. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the “Ahbap Yardım / Earthquake Support”, which you can see here on Etherscan.

I never intended to release an “open edition,” and I don’t consider this initial mint to be one — though it looks like it. Instead, the release has a playful interactive and collaborative aspect which supports humanitarian efforts at the same time. The “open edition” mechanism supports this collaboration between me and you.

How is it interactive? Your mints, your actions on chain are collaborations with me. Our data will determine the final piece. The image you see below is a placeholder. It will change once minting is complete. The final piece will be a much elaborated version of one that gained some traction on Twitter yesterday.

My work uses raw data as a basis for rendering curious, telling visuals, especially in crypto themes. I avoid departing from the data and data alone. This is true here. The piece is called “Flows of Support.” It maps transactions from other wallets into the charitable address. The wallets converge on the address, a luminous interconnectivity made possible by blockchain and a human desire to give support to those of us facing sudden and disastrous circumstances.

Minimal placeholder; to be updated with data from mints and others

I had long planned to do more interactive projects with data and visualizations. To support relief efforts in Turkey and Syria I have pushed the project out. The broader collection, one designed to be an exercise in collaborative aesthetic activity, is called “ourData.” Here it is on OpenSea.

This token, “Flows of Support,” will be its inaugural mint. A charitable mint: Depicted here are ETH inputs to earthquake disaster relief flowing into the @ahbap “Ahbap Yardım / Earthquake Support” contract.

First Mint: “Flows of Support”


Minting a “Flows of Support” automatically sends ETH into this charitable contract as a donation. When the minting duration is completed, I will update the token. This update will show all data and addresses, including those who minted the token itself. Over 1,000 flows into the charitable contract will be shown in the final version. The more who mint, the more complex the final piece will be, and the more support flows to support humanitarian efforts. (Note: Everyone gets the same final piece, as this is an ERC-1155 token.)

100% proceeds from the mint will go to @ahbap’s contract:


See the full collection on OpenSea for terms and conditions.

By Takens Theorem: https://takenstheorem.weebly.com

See here and here for some example analysis in the past regarding charitable blockchain activity. Many of my prior creative projects have been exclusively charitable, such as The Mesh and Ethstory.



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